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Our Services

We offer comprehensive web services ranging from custom website design to development of complex internet systems to our client,
helping them to reduce time to market and enhance return on investment.

Web Design

Be specialise and distinguish yourself from the competition. We make it POSSIBLE and UNFORGETTABLE.

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Corporate Website

Stay ahead of the game and celebrate prosperity. We have built success by creative solutions tailored for different needs and styles.

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Every solution is designed to fit your requirements and specific needs. We understand you want the assurance for your online business.

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Custom Programming

Good ideas for a really great time. Whether it’s for business or leisure, we programmed to make it hassle free for your application.

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Take full control of your website. Do it all at a touch. Content Management System (CMS) let you comfortably manage your website online anytime, anywhere.

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Web Maintenance

Make life a little easier. Every day we strive to provide the best for our clients: an updated and latest information, best and awesome website.

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Email & EDM Marketing

Global Email Marketer System (GEMs) is specifically built system to automate your online marketing that adds to your website, products and company’s publicity.

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Digital Marketing

Great just isn’t good enough. Make the right connection. Increase your branding and publicity with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

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Where Are We Heading In The Next Five Years

The Internet world has provided lots of opportunities for innovation and invention in different niches. However, one of the most remarkably transforming niches
is web design. With technology evolving every moments in web design Singapore, which trends should we let go and what to expect in the near future?

Current Trends In Web Design

Simpler And Easier Navigation

Different websites have incorporated simpler navigation to improve the overall user experience especially for corporate web design. Basically, our designers are taking cues from web visitors and designing websites to satisfy each user’s experience. Most readers don’t have time to read through pages of content and as such our designers have incorporated several useful functions such as navigation bars, search buttons and images that make skimming easier.

Adding More Images

Originally, most web designers will used sliders and few images for websites. However, this trend has been completely replaced with more images. Visuals have become one of the most enticing items on most websites. From GIF’s, jpg, png, images, videos and much more, readers can enjoy skimming through websites very fast.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Websites

In the last few years, there is a huge increase of people are using the internet from their phones and other mobile devices. This is an important point to take note, although there are some that still use their PC’s, desktop and laptop, this number has become considerably low. Therefore, one of the main goals of our Singapore web designers includes making websites mobile friendly to all users. It’s one of the trends that are here to stay since most people are staying out of their PC’s PC’s, desktop and laptop completely.

Trends That Are Likely To Go Away

Mobile Versions Of Websites

When mobile friendly sites where first introduced, the ‘www’ was replaced with ‘m’. However, this is being slowly wiped out to introduce a more responsive design. Basically, these older design versions immediately detected each user’s device and switched appropriately if it was a mobile one. However, this is not enough anymore since most users are using mobile devices. The newest trend involves treating mobile devices as primary and the rest as secondary.

Heavy Content Designs

Visual storytelling has become one of the most accepted web design trends and as such designers are ditching heavy content to add more visuals. Basically, all the text has been reduced to the essentials to enrich every user’s experience.

Future Trends Of Web Design

Adaptive Web Design

Currently, there are thousands of apps that have been developed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, in the next few years new mobile devices such as smart glasses or wearables like smart watches like Apple Watch, Samsung Gear or Pebble will become more popular. Therefore, the need to customize every user’s experience will become dramatic. Responsive web design refers to changing any web page to fit any screen size. Adaptive web design refers to creates sites or apps with different layers designed for different sizes. Therefore, users on PCs, phones or tablets are likely to have a different view of a similar site.

Customized User Experiences

There is a notable shift towards customization of every user’s experience or we can call is personalisation in marketing term. Basically, the site or app will remember every user’s preferences and tailor options to that user. There is a likelihood that these sites or apps will allow the user to customize his/her own layout or design which will be saved for any future visits.

Integration Of Application Portability

In the past most developers created apps that worked for a single database or platform. However, this practice is slowly being phased out but there are a few who still do it. The expected trend is that most web masters will acknowledge the need for apps that can port into any platform or database. This is partly why cloud-hosting has become more prevalent for most individuals.

There is no limit to what are allowed to create or develop.

It’s all part of our creativity designed to enrich user experience. With the newer trends expected, every user,
regardless of the device in use, can enjoy visiting any site or using any app seamlessly.